Great Harvest Bread

Elliott Hopp - Lake Orien, MI
Elliott comes from the public safety sector and is partnering with his father, Wally, who is a professor at the University of Michigan.  The Hopps are outdoor enthusiests adn enjoy eating healthy and natural products.  Elliott's favorite Great Harvest goodie is the Cinnamon Chip scones while Wally leans more towards the whole-grain products.  They are opening their doors Oct. 1st to the Lake Orien community.

Jenny Sawyers - Burmingham, MI
Jenny comes from a nursing background, and has dedicated herself to helping people for the last 20 years.  Her brother, Hyungsoo, and his wife Kyungmi are migrating from South Korea with their two boys, and Jenny has stepped in to be a liason for them in starting their new lives in the United States.  Her brother and family are opening the doors to the Burmingham public Oct. 1st!  Jenny's favorite bread is the Cinnamon Chip bread.

Kyle Denton - Lehi and Vineyard, Utah
Kyle has spent the last 6 years in the automotive industry and had started looking for something new at the same time his parents started to look at the Great Harvest franchise.  The Lehi and Vineyard stores came available at the beginning of the year and Kyle is excited to be opening up to his community at the beginning of October.  Kyle's favorite sandwich is the Turkey Pesto Panini!
Great Harvest Bread of Dillon
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